2022 archive of News & Events

2022 archive of News & Events

A Journey Through Catholicism Series

Posted by Patti Spiegelhoff on 8/25/22

The Burlington Lyons Catholic Community is offering:     A JOURNEY THROUGH CATHOLICISM: LET'S TRAVEL TOGETHER    Social gatherings where adults have theopportunity to learn more about the Catholic faith and God's personal call for each of us   THIRD TUESDAYS OF THE MONTH SEP-NOV & JAN-MARCH  5:30-6:30PM  ANDRE HALL - ... Read More »

St. Mary Cemetery Columbarium Project

Posted by Patti Spiegelhoff on 3/17/22

Pre-sale of columbarium niches has begun.  The first cabinet will be complete in the Summer of 2022.

What is a columbarium?  A columbarium is an above ground cabinet with 24 or 48 niches that will hold the cremains of one urn per niche.  Catholics can be cremated.  In 1962 ... Read More »

Parents & Grandparents: The Jesus and Me program is back at St. Charles

Posted by Patti Spiegelhoff on 2/03/22

This program is for young children, ages 3-8, and happens during the Sunday 8:00 am mass.  But to keep this program afloat, we need children!  Three ladies with the Safeguarding God's Children requirement look forward to sharing the beauty of the Catholic faith with your little ones.  During the ... Read More »


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