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Thinking about visiting our area? Or, perhaps you are looking for a new place to call home?

Just don't forget to set aside some time to give thanks to God. Come celebrate with us. We'd love to see you at mass!

Burlington InformationSt. Mary Park

Imagine being in a small city where the air is often filled with the smells of baking chocolate...Burlington is also a great place to visit, live, work, and raise a family. 

The city is home to many small to medium-sized businesses, a beautiful river walk, parks on lakes and rivers, walking paths, and so much more... 

Plan a day to visit. Walkthrough our historic downtown, or quiet residential areas. 

Visit our parks, attend a local sporting event, or ride the many bike paths. Stop for a burger, pizza, ice cream treat, or perhaps a meal at one of the many area restaurants. 

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