St. Mary Cemetery

Immaculate Conception (St Mary) Parish's cemetery is called God's Acre and is located in Burlington, Wisconsin.

Within the cemetery boundaries lie the remains of many of our former pastors, School Sisters of Notre Dame, family members, friends, and former parish members. So, many good people that have done so many good things for our parish and our community.

The deep pride we take in our cemetery is seen from the moment one approaches the cemetery. For along the whole length of the W. State Street side of the cemetery is an impressive iron and stone fence. Upon entering God's Acre from State Street, some of the very old tombstones and resting places can be seen that date back as far as 1846.

In the middle of the cemetery, is a small but impressive brick chapel, which was built in honor of Fr. Wisbauer -- our first pastor and he also guided our parish for over 40 years. The chapel was built over his grave in 1889. Here also is the resting place of our second pastor, F. Jacobs.

Beyond the chapel is a circle drive that is called priest circle and is a dedicated place for our former pastors. Here can be found the graves of Msgr. Kersting, Very Rev. Van Treeck, and Msgr. Heim. Fr. Bertram is also buried in our cemetery, though at his request, he is surrounded by his fellow deceased parish members.

The operation and maintenance of the cemetery are under the care of the parish Cemetery Advisory Committee. Records are maintained by the Parish office. For more information about burial sites, rules and regulations, or to address any other concerns you might have, please contact our parish office.

Information on the Columbarium project, with details as of March 2022 can be found here.